Stuart Rosebrook, Ph.D is a son of the American West. He grew up in North Hollywood, California, but spent most of the summers of his youth at the Orme’s Quarter Circle V-Bar Ranch Camp in northern Arizona. Those years on the wide open vistas of Orme’s 26,000 acre spread formed Stuart Rosebrook’s writing style, and interest in Western history and culture. 



He resides in Iowa City, Iowa, with his wife, Julie, and two children Jeb, and Kristina. His son Jeb is working as an archaeologist at Tallgrass in Iowa City. His daughter Kristina is a freshman at Seattle University. Julie is a Ph.D. psychologist with the V.A. in Coralville, Iowa. He has a B.A. in history from Wake Forest University and a M.A. and Ph.D. in U.S. and Public history from Arizona State University. 


Rosebrook is an acclaimed editor, writer, and historian relating to media and the American West. He is currently the editor of True West magazine, a position he has held since December 2018.  He has been with True West since 2013. As senior editor he managed Western Travel and Western Books, roles he continues as editor of the venerable magazine.

  He has been a featured writer for Arizona Highways, Ranch and Reata, American Cowboy and Camera & Darkroom.  He was also a commentator for the John Wayne 100th Birthday DVD Edition of True Grit.


  Most recently he assisted his late father Jeb Rosebrook publish his memoir, Junior Bonner: The Making of a Classic with Sam Peckinpah and Steve McQueen in the Summer of 1971

In addition, he is also the author of At Work in Arizona: The First 100 Years, for Alliance Bank of Arizona, a collaborative effort with Curator Marilyn Szabo, and Alliance Bank’s CEO Jim Lundy.   Previously he served as editor of the William & Mary Alumni Magazine and The Orme School Bulletin.


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